The “LIKE” Button: Why Stretchy Pants Are Winning While Your Health Declines

TODAY’S REALITY CHECK: A whopping 60% of Canadians are overweight. That’s more than half the country.

Explained differently: Line you up with 9 of your peers. 6 people in your lineup are overweight. SIX.

And that’s my message. That’s it.

Stretchy Pants For The Win

Listen. It isn’t my intention to make you feel uncomfortable. This is REAL. This is real news and statistical information straight from the Government that you should be aware of. Did ya see it?

Click the link to see for yourself:

So… there it is. Right there on the official government interweb. However you want to interpret the stats, the message is clear: We ARE getting bigger. Stretch pants with the elastic waist are winning.

Nothing wrong with a juicy burger every now and then. Personally I love ’em. But without adhering to the word “moderation,” things start to expand. Literally. And we’ll continue to get bigger over time if something doesn’t change.

However… the good news is this:

We CAN change. Toronto’s #1 dance studio for adults, Byfield Dance Experience, is THE most comfortable, welcoming, non-judgy place for regular adults to jump in a dance class, a dance workout class or group fitness class, with zero experience.

We’ve been helping Toronto residents TAKE BACK their health, one dance step and one push-up at a time. I EARN my burgers. Cause I bust my butt every week working out on the dance floor.

Get Ready Shortstop, ‘Cause Here Comes The Catch

REALITY CHECK, PART 2: That last paragraph may sound all fine and fuzzy, but it’s not that easy. There’s a catch. Know what it is?

Go on guess, I’ll wait 😉

The catch is: You have to STOP.

You have to stop “Liking” pictures on instagram of workout quotes. You have to stop envying VS model pics. You have to stop “pinning” the billion ways to achieving better abs.

You definitely have to stop envy hating on the most attractive Bachelor contestants, and stop retweeting pics of your favourite Hollywood actress’ workout selfies… You have to STOP all of that.

Then, you have to START.

Cheer Body private class

Because you don’t build muscle watching other people workout! You have to DO SOMETHING. Anything! Just START SOMEWHERE. A commentator on the sidelines of life is simply just a spectator with a microphone.

Shut up, and get IN the game.

You don’t need anything else but a willingness to be open and have fun. I know with dance, I can help you GET STARTED on whatever your goals may be. As long as you participate in life and work hard, you will see results.

But you do have to START!

Even if you’re an example of excellent health, we all have a friend who can benefit from a little exercise. Dancing is fantastic exercise. If you know someone who struggles with their health,  help them with their fitness goal.


Because now, you have information that could potentially change their life. You just read what the problem is, and now you know the solution. And because you’re armed with the solution, you now have a moral obligation to share with those who need it.

Be of service. Karma will reward you for giving. You won’t be rewarded for hoarding and selfishness. Don’t keep valuable information to yourself. Benefit others.

So, that’s my message for today.

When you’re sick and tired of, well, just feeling sick and tired… take ACTION and come see me. Get up, put your funky dance gear on and get to a class!

Because. I want to help you become the best YOU possible. But that’s only gonna happen if you meet me half way. Fair enough?


Published by ShawnByfield

Shawn Byfield is a certified public speaker, expert dance coach and entrepreneur. A National authority in dance and veteran in entertainment, film and fashion. Byfield is a DORA AWARD winning choreographer, GEMINI AWARD nominee, and 2x BLACK CANADIANS AWARD nominee. Shawn Byfield loves to travel nationally as an inspiring mentor, adjudicator, public speaker and choreographer.

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