Shawn’s No-Nonsense Ninja UPDATE

Shawn’s No-Nonsense Ninja UPDATE:

1.) Adult Beginner Tap Dance sessions start THIS Sunday…

2.) Join me in a basic “tap/steppin” class TOMORROW…

3.) Make 2012 INCREDIBLE! Last chance Annual Memberships to BDX…
Read more…

– – – – GO Ninja GO Ninja GO – – – –

* 1.) Adult Beginner Tap Dance sessions start THIS Sunday at BDX! 3pm – 4pm. Now here’s my insights:

I’m gonna be blunt today. Like it or not, this year is gonna zoom by, just like yours did last year. Did you do half the stuff you said you wanted to do last year? Or did you wait until it was “the right time” and ended up “waiting” your year away?

If you’ve been “humming and hawing” or “sitting on the fence” trying to decide what to do with your life… NOTHING will happen if you just sit on your duff. If you really want to learn something, then stop talking, get involved today and learn from the best.

Wanna learn to tap?
Guess what we do at my school?


You’ve seen pics. You’ve watched videos. Heck, even Breakfast Television was live at our studio Wednesday morning because even THEY know the absolute best place to learn to dance is our place, right here in Toronto. What else do you need?

If Zeus launched a flaming trident from the heavens attached with a hand-written note in parchment saying “Michelle, This is your sign. Now go and dance already…” would THAT convince you?

You’re smart enough that won’t happen. Zeus doesn’t use tridents. Poseidon does. So for heaven’s sake, get your excuses out of the way and get to that beginner tap session. Hurry!


Byfield Dance Experience dance classes on Breakfast Television
Byfield Dance Experience dance classes on Breakfast Television

– – – – GO Ninja GO Ninja GO – – – –

* 2.) Join me in a basic “tap/steppin” class TOMORROW morning (Saturday) 10:30am. This week is the International Association of Blacks in Dance Festival and Conference. Funny story:

I performed last night. Did a tap solo to “Funkin’ For Jamaica” a favourite chune of mine I recently used at the #BDX2 showcase. While in my excitement on stage, I broke my right heel tap. Think it flew at somebody in the front row. If that was you, I hope it didn’t ninja-star you in the retina… Sit in the 3rd row next time. (And thanks for watching BTW)

Anyway, I’m teaching a beginner tap/steppin’ class open to everyone. Yes, everyone. No, you don’t need experience or tap shoes. What’s steppin’? Show up tomorrow and you’ll see for yourself! You MUST register in advance:

– – – – GO Ninja GO Ninja GO – – – –

* 3.) Make 2012 INCREDIBLE! Last chance Annual Memberships to BDX because our schedule format changes February 1st. Now there’s even MORE offered at the studio and it’s exciting stuff. Just so you know:

If you want to have dramatically better health AND better dance moves this year, re-read 1.) above and then, DO SOMETHING that will make your dreams come true.

Speaking of dreams…

I can’t speak for everyone, but I DO know many of our students have noticed better flexibility, improved memory, can touch their toes without grunting, can do handstands again, lost weight in their thighs, stomach and heaven forbid- their ass, just from hanging with us a couple times a week.

You don’t have to be at BDX every day. Just twice a week. You’re at work five days a week and it makes you irritable. Two days with us and your jeans fit again… Wouldn’t it make sense to make a choice that benefits your health AND your sanity?

Here’s where to get your mojo back:

– – – – GO Ninja GO Ninja GO – – – –

This Ninja’s out, like a street light in a horror movie.

Do something for YOU today. Sending you Hiii-YA! energy to knock 2012’s lights out,


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Shawn Byfield is a certified public speaker, expert dance coach and entrepreneur. A National authority in dance and veteran in entertainment, film and fashion. Byfield is a DORA AWARD winning choreographer, GEMINI AWARD nominee, and 2x BLACK CANADIANS AWARD nominee. Shawn Byfield loves to travel nationally as an inspiring mentor, adjudicator, public speaker and choreographer.

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