BDX ROCKS Part 1: How Will The New Changes Affect You?

Ok! Welcome to the start of your new life.

I have tons of good stuff to share that’ll make 2012 your best year ever. Byfield Dance Experience is still growing and is transitioning into an even better, well ah, experience. THIS IS JUST PART ONE of all the info. Seriously, this place is gonna rock harder than AC/DC.

Let’s get started. BTW, I’ll give you breaks every now and then…

THE ONLY RULE: Lick It Clean

Back in the day, a friend of mine used to call her strict Stepmom her “Step Monster.” True story. So as your old-school, wooden-spoon-yielding strict Nona, I’m telling you now: You can’t leave until you clean your plate. Lick it clean.

If you’re anything like me, too much info at once means you start skimming through… then skipping parts entirely. Because it’s info overload. So this is in chunks because I need you to read EVERY word, preferably twice.

~~~ OK! TIME OUT ~~~

Heads up: There’s ALWAYS two people with legit A.D.D. that ask unnecessary questions. I don’t want you to be a third sidekick/wheel/annoyance; two’s enough. Some of my subscribers are ruthless, and will mercilessly roast you like a squealing pig on a stick. Think Lord of the Flies…

So before you type any questions in the comment box, legit read everything. ~~~ END TIME OUT ~~~

CTRL + ALT + DELETE = NEW Thinking

Here’s part of an email I sent to my BDX team before 2012:

“…Delete what you think of the studio. Because BDX is now a super-fun FITNESS AND ACTIVE LIFESTYLE STUDIO… People want and remember things, places and services that offer something different.

We’re different. And we care about people. To move forward with the new mentality, you’ll notice three things on the schedule:

  1. Class times are shorter
  2. This new thing called “Dance Workout”
  3. This new thing called “Tap Technique”
  4. More classes for tap dancers
  5. No membership classes on Sundays

BDX is now pretty much like a gym, with a mix of classes on the weekly schedule. Just like Goodlife or Extreme Fitness. The DANCE WORKOUT classes are basically 45 minutes of sweat monster classes. The cardio, strength and stretch we do in warmup is now it’s own class because many people want to work out and come specifically for THAT aspect. The EXERCISE.

~~~ OK! TIME OUT ~~~

Did you see the Easter egg I purposely threw in that email? If you read EVERY word, you’d find “you’ll notice three things on the schedule.” And how many points are there after? Count em up…

Yeah, five. Not one single person on my team caught that one. Hmmm. Guess I have more changes to make than I thought. 😉 ~~~ END TIME OUT ~~~

Look At This! It Gets Bigger When You Click It (That’s What She Said)

BDX NEW Schedule February
BDX NEW Schedule February

Now Read Below. Because It Helps You Better Understand The New Schedule

Basic format for DANCE WORKOUT:

  • 25 minutes of mostly-constant dance movement (teachers fun mix of aerobic, dance, plyometric and anaerobic exercise)
  • 5 minutes of aerobic cool down
  • 15 minutes of strength & stretch
  • Keep in mind, it’s called Dance Workout (You won’t leave pretty, bring a towel & water)

Basic format for TAP TECHNIQUE:

  • 10 minutes of foot isolation based exercises (toe taps, heel digs, shuffles, riffs, cramp roll variations, etc)
  • 10 minutes of cardio based steps (like running flaps, pickups, wings, shuffle pickup changes, etc)
  • 25 minutes of specific, fine-tuning, technique exercises and routines to improve foot agility, weight transfer, stamina, execution and musicality
  • Keep in mind it’s a TECHNIQUE class

The 60 minute hip hop/ tap CLASSES are for mostly straight choreography. You’ll love and dramatically benefit from this class, because it provides more time to improve your MEMORY, co-ordination and further develop your STYLE.

BTW: If you have one, two or even three left feet, the beginner hip hop class is PERFECT for you.

So. There’s your schedule. You’ll notice for the most part, it isn’t drastically different from the current times. What days work best for you? Chances are you can fit two classes in one day, if you choose to be super cool.

And Oh! There Goes The Buzzer

And it looks like our time is up. Thanks for listening to WBDX Radio. Tune in to PART TWO in a few days. You rock for making time to absorb this.

Please know that we’re still growing so things WILL CHANGE. Get used to embracing change, because change isn’t just for your wallet anymore. These adjustments are designed to make your experience even MORE enjoyable. And…

…As you continue taking classes at BDX, you’ll feel stronger, sexier & more confident. Not a bad deal, eh?

I’ll address other new stuff in the next part, like what happens on Fridays, on Sundays, how your monthly membership investment will change slightly, and Jay-Z’s newborn baby*.

Be sure to write or tweet any comments you may have below, so I can get you the answers A to the SAP!


*PS: Just kidding. I promise to not talk about Beyonce’s baby. Who cares? Their baby won’t change your future one bit. But classes at BDX can, and will improve your life.

Published by ShawnByfield

Shawn Byfield is a certified public speaker, expert dance coach and entrepreneur. A National authority in dance and veteran in entertainment, film and fashion. Byfield is a DORA AWARD winning choreographer, GEMINI AWARD nominee, and 2x BLACK CANADIANS AWARD nominee. Shawn Byfield loves to travel nationally as an inspiring mentor, adjudicator, public speaker and choreographer.

17 thoughts on “BDX ROCKS Part 1: How Will The New Changes Affect You?

  1. Q: “Hey Shawn- who’s teaching which classes?”

    A: I’m working out a rotating teacher schedule for some of the classes. Because our teachers are pros, sometimes they have other commitments. I’ll do my best to post who’s teaching which exact classes the month before. (I’m literally working out February AND March as I type this)

    Remember, things happen and teachers can’t always guarantee being at a certain class. ** But you can ALWAYS count on a kick-ass class, REGARDLESS OF WHO’S TEACHING. BDX teachers are industry pros and we’re luckier than a leprechaun holding a 3-leaf-clover under a double rainbow to have them. =D

  2. 1.) Yes, YAY for more tap technique! We can always improve our technique in hip hop and tap. No matter what level you’re at, when we refine the basics of any style, we improve in all aspects of execution and performance.

    2.) Sorry Hana. There aren’t enough people (yet) who attend REGULARLY to warrant an advanced class. I DID have that level, but with only 4 of you showing up at a time, that’s not fair for the other levels of dancers who could be dancing in that time.

    3.) Plus, it’s not economically smart to run a tiny class without any guarantee that we’ll generate revenue. I’d love to, but in order to KEEP BDX OPEN I can’t cater to the few who “might” show up once in a while. Every change is based on actual demand, so Tuesdays are the Int/Adv level. Please make that a priority in your schedule and come every week so we can start adding more. =)

  3. Thanks for the love Angela, I look forward to meeting you in person! I usually have a challenging 5 day tap dance intensive sometime every August, maybe you can plan for that month?

  4. ‎Hi Alex, good question. I answered in detail on my Facebook wall here but here’s a snippet for everyone reading on this post with same question:

    “…did you notice there are FIVE workout classes weekly? Most peeps have a hard enough time keeping up with my tae-bo & cardio for only 10 minutes… Those that are serious about training will ALWAYS find ways to challenge themselves no matter what class they take. We focus on recreational classes for adults in tap dance, hip hop and exercise. Luckily, there are many sweet studios offering a variety of diverse classes in Toronto.”

  5. Hi im Ayaka. thanks for ur Massage!! i really like that idea and wanna join again! but.. i have to think..

  6. Tap technique classes are important – Thanks for adding! Is there any chance you can add advanced tap classes, perhaps on Saturday afternoons?
    Will there be a set schedule for teachers? Also, could you please advise BDX students in advance if there will be a substitue teacher for classes? Thanks.

  7. Shawn, I LOVE the idea.. but there are no advanced level classes. Since the intermediate are combined with Elementary, there is no place for those of us beyond the intermediate level and really need a challenge. I’m very sad about this.

  8. Hello! I am fan of yours from Houston, TX I saw you on you tube a couple of years back and have been hooked your studio ever since! I am a fellow tap teacher. I can’t wait to come to Toronto to visit your studio! I’m making plans for late this year! You are awesome!!!!

  9. Thanks for the comments friends. I’m excited! I’m trying my BEST to accommodate as many current and new tap dance and hip hop dance students as possible, while juggling what’s best to keep the studio open. Toronto economics. =)

    Who has questions? Share this post and keep the comments flowing!

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