New Study Reports Negative Effects Of Homework

i Think i Can - Miss McColl's shoes
i Think i Can - Miss McColl's shoes

New Study Reports Negative Effects Of Homework

A new study on younger school-age students shows that doing too much homework can decrease grades and actually diminish interest in the classroom. The excessive workload prevents kids from demonstrating comprehension, especially when studying scientific principles.

“It’s true. Too much homework can be overwhelming and creates an undesirable, negative response,” states Shawn Byfield, a former student of Miss McColl’s Toronto science class. “Especially when different subjects are combined- like math, spelling and Shakespeare’s first folio in one night- the effect it has on learning is, well… basically, it sucks.”

To keep McColl’s current students engaged and attentive to their homework studies, Byfield suggests only one dollop of assignments per night. Her students will enjoy learning more, which causes them to be more attentive. And with less boring stuff to do, “homework won’t suck as much.”

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