ANNOUNCING: Twitter Contest Winners!

Shawn Byfield dance contest
Shawn Byfield dance contest

ANNOUNCING: Twitter Contest Winners!

So first off, CONGRATULATIONS to those of you who submitted videos! Some of you I know, and others I’ve never met. For my new friends, nice to meet you online! See? Twitter is a wonderful place.

It was great to see the different interests and passions people have. And the variety of ages. Some of you keep it bottled up, and others of you are taking the baby-steps toward your goals now.

(For previous post with contest details, go here)

Secondly, there were some really interesting back stories and private, emotional stuff in some of your submissions. So I’ll keep those private and allow you to share your video with the world if YOU choose. You’ve already put it out there in the universe by recording yourself!


Yes, I sat and watched them all. Some of you cut to the chase and sent a short video.

Others sent a movie James Cameron would be proud of. 😉 It’s not easy sitting in front of a camera and sharing your story. Kudos to you!

And as you already know, I’m only able to squeeze in two of you. If I could help everyone get started I would. But I already have my own time management issues, so two people is enough!

Put On Your Snow Suit

I’ll help you ask the right questions and start moving forward. Gain a little momentum. Which turns into more momentum…

…then pretty soon you’ll be zooming down that hill like a 7 year old on a toboggan. And I’ll point you in the right direction when you need specific advice I don’t have the answers to.

Cool? Cool. Drum roll please…

WINNER @jennelizhicks
WINNER @jennelizhicks
WINNER @leedelguercio
WINNER @leedelguercio

If you’re reading this, get excited! I’ll tweet you a DM (Direct Message) with more info on the next stage. Let’s DO this.

Again congratulations to everyone for taking a risk. That’s where it all starts. Be sure to follow my Tweets for my next contest soon. Shazaaam!

– Shawn B

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Shawn Byfield is a certified public speaker, expert dance coach and entrepreneur. A National authority in dance and veteran in entertainment, film and fashion. Byfield is a DORA AWARD winning choreographer, GEMINI AWARD nominee, and 2x BLACK CANADIANS AWARD nominee. Shawn Byfield loves to travel nationally as an inspiring mentor, adjudicator, public speaker and choreographer.

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