Shawn’s Everything To Do With YOU Contest

Shawn Byfield’s Pre-Holiday Contest That Has Nothing To Do With Holidays But Everything To Do With How YOU Succeed In The New Year

Ok, so I’m having a contest! Here’s why:

Every year (actually every month, and lately it’s been weekly) friends, students, friends of friends ask me the same question. In fact, on my trip to New York last weekend even family members asked for my advice.

Advice on what? Here’s the story…

I started teaching many years ago for a famous dance school at the time (Randolph Dance Theatre.) After a few years, I decided to go solo. I would teach classes and either split the funds with the space owner, or pay for studio space upfront and keeping whatever I made.

Boring, I know.

But hold on there’s something you should know…

I never did anything the conventional way. I was never that kid! In fact, I would see and study what other people were doing and do the OPPOSITE. It’s true! Just ask my mom.

Shawn Byfield is little
Shawn Byfield is little



Yeah, I Guess I Had a Bit of A.D.D…

But here’s where it helped me out: A while back I spent thousands (and by thousands I mean over 10 grand) on my brain. I invested in some heavy-duty, here’s what works right now, real-guerilla-sh#t that will-work-for-you-if-you-apply-it NOW marketing stuff.

Because of that, I started thinking differently…

…and I started seeing things opposite everyone else. I still do.

It’s that thinking what helped me get to where I am today- as a teacher, award-winning choreographer and performer, master class instructor, guest speaker and more stuff that some people think is pretty cool. =)


Why I’m In A Great Frickin’ Mood?

So what made me do this contest? Because here’s the deal: I DANCE for a living! Every day I get to wake up and do what I love. Not what I kinda like, or have a bit of interest in.. but what I LOVE.

And I truly want to help people do the same thing. Why?

Because it’s frickin’ awesome. I don’t have to do some bull sh#t job that I hate, for some jerk-face boss that I secretly want to gauge out her eyeballs with my lunch spoon.

If you’re in a sitch (get it? Like Situation, but sitch, like in Jersey Shore? Nevermind…) where that’s a reality, I admire your patience. But can I help you out of it?

I want to give my time! I want to help peeps like you do something you LOVE. And with my crazy thinking skills I’m pretty sure I can help you get the ball rolling.


So Here’s What You Gotta Do Right NOW

I need you to right now, RIGHT NOW, record a Youtube VIDEO. This is a VIDEO contest.

Tell me the one or two things that you LOVE to do, and would love to do as a CAREER. Not as a hobby, but for real. And send me the link.

I’m looking to assist TWO people. Just TWO, starting the beginning of January, get your idea off the ground. I’m donating 5 hours of my time for each of you to make your passion come to life, help promote yourself or your service, or even do solid brainstorming and research.

It may not sound like much, but trust me- having someone really ask you the deep questions, challenge you, and give you a timeline to get stuff done is of vital importance. I had a mentor who did just that for me.

You know that saying “think outside the box?” Well, forget that box. Throw away the damn box. Who uses boxes nowadays anyway? Think outside the box FACTORY. Think huge. Because that’s where I get excited.

Do you want to act? Write a children’s book? Start a bowling alley? Get paid to play video games? Start a tutoring biz? Start a halal food cart? Be the most sought out bartender in the city? The country? Heck, even dance for a living?

Let me be upfront: I do NOT have all the answers. I’m still on my own learning curve. But guess what? I can save you the 10 years of figuring stuff out, frustrations, and spending unnecessary cash to make it happen.

Plus, I’ll tell you straight up if your idea is possible or not. And if it’s not, I’ll tell you WHAT IS possible and help you get started right away!

Shawn Byfield Twitter
Shawn Byfield Twitter Contest



There’s your contest details! TWEET ME your video link on Twitter by- here’s the catch: BY THIS FRIDAY MORNING.

As in by 9 am FRIDAY.

Why Friday? Because if you’re serious about making something happen in your life, you have to take action.


But Don’t be sending me links on Friday afternoon. Or Saturday. I have other things to do, so get me your VIDEO link Friday am, alright?


I’ll Announce The Two Winners Monday morning.

ALSO, I’m going to post everyone who submitted their video dreams on a new blog post. Because your dreams will inspire other people to think bigger also. And that way I’m helping everyone by putting it out there in the universe.

And who knows? Someone else may watch your video who has the skills and expertise to help you succeed!

So get your camera, your Blackberry, iPhone, sit in front of your webcam, I don’t care- just “tell me what you want, what you really really want” and WHY it means so much to you.

I’m interested in the things that will make you super happy, have potential to make you more money, but most importantly will have an impact on other people’s lives. So when you film, address these three things.

Ok, GO!

– Shawn B

PS: If you’re not on Twitter, get on it already! Stop making excuses, you’re sitting at your computer RIGHT NOW. Dooo it.

PPS: Sure you can comment, but this is a VIDEO contest. Get your camera and let’s go!

Published by ShawnByfield

Shawn Byfield is a certified public speaker, expert dance coach and entrepreneur. A National authority in dance and veteran in entertainment, film and fashion. Byfield is a DORA AWARD winning choreographer, GEMINI AWARD nominee, and 2x BLACK CANADIANS AWARD nominee. Shawn Byfield loves to travel nationally as an inspiring mentor, adjudicator, public speaker and choreographer.

5 thoughts on “Shawn’s Everything To Do With YOU Contest

  1. Brilliant concept! I love what I’m doing right now….dancing and with your help Shawn. I want to much out of life to decide on one specific thing at this time, but I know I can count on you for guidance. I hope you do this again in the future. I don’t want to waste this opportunity but know that someone will truly benefit from this generous gift.

    Thank you Shawn for EVERYTHING!

  2. Go Shawn! I am sending in MY video peeps, so I hope you got yours too. Shawn knows what he is doin and I know he can tell me how to get mine. So lets go people!! Come and get the chance to get yours. Peace and love

  3. Dude! You never cease to amaze me! Ladies and gentleman I have known this man for almost 20 yrs and yes he’s telling the truth! He has always done things his own very unique way..But that’s why we love him .. Keep it up Shawn.. Good luck on the contest! xo

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