BDX Dance Studio Closed Long Weekend

Got plans this long weekend?

I hope you do. Because if your plans involved coming to a dance class…

…you should change them.

Because BDX will be CLOSED this Saturday and Monday. So come shake your groove thang with us today, Wednesday or Thursday instead. Check this out:

I don’t mean to hog-tie your plans. You’re more than welcome to visit BDX this long weekend. But my #ss won’t be there.

Neither will anyone else. It’ll look like a lone, dusty, lawless road after a wild west shoot-out.

Watch out for tumbleweed. ;-D I’m gonna find a patio and chill with some rocky-road. Maybe some moose tracks. Perhaps even a refreshing grown-up beverage (or three) of the 14% variety… Either way, my rumpshaker will be far, far away from BDX. In the wild wild west perhaps?

So to avoid embarrassment: Get yo’ freak on THIS week! And if you catch me at the saloon, I’ll buy you a round.

– Shawn B

PS: Go here partner:

Published by shawnbyfield

Shawn Byfield is a certified public speaker, entertaining host, coach and entrepreneur. A National authority in dance and veteran in entertainment and fashion world, Byfield is a DORA Award winning choreographer, GEMINI Award nominee, and BLACK CANADIANS AWARD nominee. Byfield travels nationally as an inspiring coach, adjudicator, public speaker and choreographer. His dance studio Byfield Dance Experience is one of Toronto's best dance studios for ADULTS. Located downtown Toronto, BDX is an inspiring dance studio space created to enhance culture for adults in Toronto, offering dance classes, event and rehearsal space.

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