Sprung Hardwood Dance Floor is Complete!

My sprung hardwood dance floor

My sprung hardwood dance floor

Hey Toronto, here’s a photo of the dance floor!

It’s professionally sprung with these little black rubber discs called Iso Cushions. I picked them up personally in Toronto last week. They’re attached to the underside of plywood sheets.

The hardwood on top is bamboo, which adds a nice warmth to the room. It also goes great with the back wall, which is red.

I jumped around all over the floor (partly jumping for joy!) It definitely has a nice resistance and bounce, exactly what I asked for. That’s what helps prevent injury to dancers bodies while we throw down on the dance floor.

This phase was a little delayed, and definitely not cheap. But now that stage is 100% complete. Awww yeah!

Stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, go see what’s up on my website. But DON’T SIGN UP- I repeat: DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ANYTHING.

I have a very special sale coming this week. Just take a look:

Tap dance classes | Hip hop dance classes

See you in a few…

– Shawn Byfield

4 thoughts on “Sprung Hardwood Dance Floor is Complete!

  1. Dawna says:

    Beautiful!!! The floor looks great and I’ll bet it feels amazing! Thanks for taking such good care of your dancers…we love you for it! Can’t wait to get in there!!! Muah!

  2. Kris says:

    Floor looks amazing Can you do mine?? I know I cant dance, but can I come jump on your floor just for fun!?
    XO Congrats

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