Toronto! Get Your Keys To The Dance Studio


Toronto! I just wanted to write a short post & share my excitement about what’s about to happen.

In case you didn’t know, building a dance studio in Toronto is a huge task, and a pricey one. Toronto is definitely one of the most expensive cities in life. Yes, it’s true! And that’s not good news…

Some Battles Are Worth Fighting For!

But that won’t stop me from giving back to the community what’s absolutely needed- a dance space where regular people can make friends, have fun, and of course, get funky.

That right there, is totally worth the fight!

Imagine a dance studio that’s not pretentious. Picture an safe environment that welcomes and encourages total newbies to incorporate dance in their lives.

A place where everyone is treated with equal respect, regardless of who you are or what you do. It’s astonishing how that simple right to respect can be lacking sometimes. Don’t you agree?

We’re all here to dance! And learn, and grow!

And It Gets Even Better…

But that’s not all… Trained, experienced dancers can still get involved and continue to be challenged, motivated and inspired to love life.

In fact, I’m teaching hip hop dance classes soon after I write this, for beginners AND trained dancers. Awesome classes just like we had last night, and last week, and the week before that…

It’s already BEEN happening! And it can’t stop, won’t stop, anytime soon.

But building this new dance studio in Toronto will start a NEW movement. BTW, it is right in the heart of downtown Toronto, easily accessible by transit no matter where you come from, but more on that later…

Right now, I’m laying the solid foundation for a brand new outlook that will benefit us all. It’s time for a new home!

Finally, The Day Is Coming…

The time to take possession is finally here! I’m so excited and want to share this joy with you. And everyone is welcome. In fact, the key is yours to keep. =)

Stay tuned for more. I’ll let you know when it’s time to move in!

– Shawn B

Published by ShawnByfield

Shawn Byfield is a certified public speaker, expert dance coach and entrepreneur. A National authority in dance and veteran in entertainment, film and fashion. Byfield is a DORA AWARD winning choreographer, GEMINI AWARD nominee, and 2x BLACK CANADIANS AWARD nominee. Shawn Byfield loves to travel nationally as an inspiring mentor, adjudicator, public speaker and choreographer.

4 thoughts on “Toronto! Get Your Keys To The Dance Studio

  1. l am solely happy to be given opportunity to script down some words of mine l, am highly delighted to see this day come to pass and casting my comments across this is david offei abrokwa a.k.a. nanaabro. l have all these years yean to see you personally but all efforts has been shuttered because l am in the university here in GHANA. l am praying that you may help me to visit you one day and l will be so happy. THANK YOU

  2. beautiful shawn….really! you would be the one to do this… (insert big happy face!)

  3. Shawn,

    Im soo proud of you !!! I’ve known you for decades seen you grow from a young 13 yr old boy to a grown well respected and well loved MAN.. Your lady is absolutley beautiful *as i have said* she supports you and vice versa.. Motivation is key 🙂
    Congratulations on the new studio!! This is only the stepping stone of greater things to come !!..

  4. I’m so excited!!! That’s why we all dance with you Shawn. Because you’re friggen amazing and most importantly the people in the classes become a second family because we are all treated with respect by you and in return we treat each other with respect 🙂
    But you know I love you Shawn.. I’ve been dancing with you foreverrrr
    HOORAY for a studio!!!!!!

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