Who Knew A Dance Floor Could Change The World?

Ok, I gotta say: I had the most AMAZING belated birthday dance party on Saturday at Embassy Nightclub in Toronto. Thank you to every dance lover that supported!

Now here’s a somewhat personal note…

I was a little overwhelmed on Saturday. I got emotional for a bit, because of the tremendous support from my dance students. And, because of the simple fact that dance has brought so many people together. People from different backgrounds. Different jobs. Different religions, marital status, or whatever.

First of all, the T-Shirt I got as a gift from my dancers (Jimmy and crew- I still don’t know how many of you are behind this), I frickin’ LOVE. Purple tees rock! I’ll take a pic of it soon…

…But most importantly, I swear, it was the greatest feeling to look around the club, and see a group of over 30 people who didn’t know each other just 5,6,8 months ago, having the best time, DANCING together. I mean, sweaty, fun, gettin’ down and sexy dancing.

All without feeling awkward, or worrying what anyone else in the joint thought. The confidence dance brings to a person truly showed on Saturday. And you know what?

In fact, as I looked around, it looked like our group’s dance energy rubbed off on the ENTIRE club! I watched people not even in our group get inspired and let loose. Everyone just throwin’ down, having some drinks- in my case, many 😉 – and every person being welcomed in the circle as friends of dance.

THAT’S the positive energy we need more of in this world.

So again, I want to share my heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone that attended, and to everyone that continues to spread love, positivity, acceptance and friendship through dance. Bless you all, for being a shining example of our potential as humans.

Who knew a dance floor could change the world?

I learned a lot from you guys this weekend. Let’s do it again!

– Shawn B


Published by ShawnByfield

Shawn Byfield is a certified public speaker, expert dance coach and entrepreneur. A National authority in dance and veteran in entertainment, film and fashion. Byfield is a DORA AWARD winning choreographer, GEMINI AWARD nominee, and 2x BLACK CANADIANS AWARD nominee. Shawn Byfield loves to travel nationally as an inspiring mentor, adjudicator, public speaker and choreographer.

9 thoughts on “Who Knew A Dance Floor Could Change The World?

  1. shawn, looks like you guys had a great time. sorry i couldn’t make it – hopefully next time.

    see you in class tomorrow!

  2. I am so GLAD to hear you had an AMAZING time! It;s good to be able to let loose with everyone! Keep doing your thing! We all love and support you 210%!!

  3. Shawn, you’re great! You better do it again!!! it looks like you guys had so much fun and next time I really hope I can come out and tear it up with you!

  4. We were all there because you have inspired us all! It was amazing to see almost half of the club full of your students!!! And even though we didn’t all know each other from the different levels, it didn’t matter! Your classes make us a family, and we were all dancing with each other!!!
    I’m so glad that you had an amazing time 🙂

  5. I am so happy you and everyone else including myself had an amazing time at the Embassy….It does bring people closer together. Yes! let’s all do it again! 😀

  6. Awesome…that sounds great, the pictures tell that you all had a great time.

    Keep up the good work. and HAPPY BELATED B-DAY.


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