Britney Spears Toronto Concert Review

Britney’s back, betch! BUT NOT the way I was hoping.

Here’s my Toronto concert review. Yes, she’s had a rough few years, lost some hair… and had kids. But this was the concert to show the world she’s still in charge. Did she convince the screaming fans of Toronto? I’m not sure…

PCD opened up the night at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. Foxy ladies! Here’s my report card on both groups from the Wednesday night concert:

PCD Toronto Report Card
PCD Toronto Report Card
Britney Spears Toronto Report Card
Britney Spears Toronto Report Card

My lady and I enjoyed our concert, don’t get me wrong. The show kicked ass. Great visuals and sets, creative and   scandalous costumes, killer, multi-disciplined dancers, you know how she does it. She’s definitely an Entertainer… not one who observes. And, Miss Spears looked fierce- we were up close and personal with floor tickets so we got a great view- nice @ss by the way, you go girl!

But, Brit didn’t BRING IT, the way she used to in her Slave days. The attack was lacking. I miss seeing that Betch.

Were you there? I’d love to know what you thought? Share your concert review.

– Shawn B

Published by ShawnByfield

Shawn Byfield is a certified public speaker, expert dance coach and entrepreneur. A National authority in dance and veteran in entertainment, film and fashion. Byfield is a DORA AWARD winning choreographer, GEMINI AWARD nominee, and 2x BLACK CANADIANS AWARD nominee. Shawn Byfield loves to travel nationally as an inspiring mentor, adjudicator, public speaker and choreographer.

15 thoughts on “Britney Spears Toronto Concert Review

  1. Hmmm…it is very interesting to read your review here Shawn. While, I am first to admit that I am NOT a performer or a Britney Spears fan, (just a technie). I am an avid concert goer. I have been to some of the best shows of my life. The first one being MC Hammer. The man and his crew danced their a$$es off back in the day. I will give the prize to that man for the best showmanship ever. Lenny Kravitz gets my kudos for the best musician next to Prince. Of course, my heart will always belong to Janet, “Miss Jackson”, if y’all nasty. These performers can rightfully charge an high price for their shows because they give so much of themselves into it.

    I would had been greatly disappointed to come out to Britney’s show to just find her lip syncing and just hardly dancing. I already know that her music is pretty much “manufactured” by other musicians. It’s such a shame when they are so many very talented and more deserving artists out there. Who should be more recognize for their skills and talents but they are not nearly compensated or noticed by the general public. If it wasn’t for all the “Hollywood” tabloid hype over the last couple of years. I think most people would have forgotten her in their former teen scrapbooks. Like Rupaul said once, “YOU BETTER WORK!!!”. Britney needs to get it together, if she is going to be seriously consider as a top contender like Beyonce, Janet or Madonna. I know I might sound harsh but that’s the nature of the biz. You have to give something spectular in your show so, the audience will have something to remember you. Otherwise, you land up like alot of great talented artists, who are barely remember or still appreciated for the contribution of their talents. Let’s see what happens in another 10 years.

  2. I did go to the Thursday show with 4 friends of mine. We had been waiting for this concert since before Christmas. I was very impressed by the set up and the circus preformers and dancers was awsome. However I was very disapointed in Britney. I found she had a great chance to really prove everyone wrong, she had a chance to really show them what she was made of. I spent alot of money on the tickets inwhich I will not do again. I expected a little more from her voice then just a hello Toronto or what ever it was (2 words). She could have atleast spoke to us more or sang one song. I realize the difficulty in dancing and singing but Madonna at 50 could do it surely she could have tried. After the first song I just wanted to give her a hug I felt soo bad for her. She is trying her best and have always been on her side but really I felt that she could have ingaged us a little more instead of going through the motions. I hate to admit but ya it wasn’t as good as she could have been. Good Luck to her. I hope she can do well .

  3. You got an email saying it was going to be earlier? Who sent the email, ticketmaster???

  4. Pretty much agree with everything you said.

    The show was awesome. The special effects, the dancers, the costumes, the jugglers, acrobats, etc. All that was awesome. Not to mention the very cool remixes.

    HOWEVER, Britney disappointed me. She didn’t look like she wanted to be there at all. No audience interaction, no real singing, her dance moves were off, she had to look to the backup dancers for help multiple times.

    Oh brit, what happened to you? Come back to us! Some of us (like my friend and I) have been waiting to see you in concert for 10 years now and were let down =(

  5. I was there last night I thought the show was awesome! I didn’t think the pussy cat dolls were going to be half as good as they were. I really enjoyed the stage and light designs through out the concert it really made the concert what it was. Also the acrobatics and hoola hoop acts at the beginning were nice touches to the theme ” Circus”. I was a little disappointed with Britney’s dancing but think her back up dancers were awesome. It would have been nice to have seen her bring on some different moves.It was also nice to see her perform some of her old songs as it brought back the “Britney Spears” everyone remembers. To respond to the other message dont feel bad about missing the pussy cat dolls there were so many people there who had no idea I got an email the day before sayin the show was moved up to 7pm but that was quite short notice I must agree bc not everyone checks there emails. Anyway hope everyone has a good weekend 🙂


  6. I must say I disagree.I went to the Thursday night show and thought it was outstanding. I don’t think Britney should be expected to dance the entire hour and a half, especially because that wouldn’t go with the theme. There was so much more involved in the show, theatrics, magic, pirotechnics. When she danced, she was amazing, especially wearing the six inch heels! Maybe she didn’t bring it as much on Wednesday because she arrived at the TO airport at 5:30 and felt rushed? No clue, can’t comment on the Wednesday show, but for Thursday’s show I can honestly say I have never been to a more creative, well-executed, entertaining show.
    PCD were great, but they can’t be compared to Brit. Brit entertained all 3 rings and strutted the eniree stage. I was just constnatly entertaned and we were close, so it was amazing to see Britney smiling as she was performing and loving what she was doing!

    Anyway, everyone has different opinions and I definitly agree with most of the report card. Loved the costumes too!!! 🙂

  7. Ok, I dont know what the hell happened, bu I missed the PCD!!! My ticket said 8pm, I had NO idea that they were going to be on at 7!!!! WTF??? IM SO PISSED?!?!?

  8. Sorry i was not present at the show, but i have always liked her as a person and her songs as an artist. It was 2 bad she did the show with playback, but like somebody sais i am glad she is back doing what she likes

  9. I just saw the concert tonight and I was disappointed with the dancing from the PCD but especially Britney. We all know she can dance, she did an amazing job in her Onyx hotel tour, and her dancing had no energy behind it.
    Overall though, amazing show! The special effects used, and the videos played were amazing. I thought the transitions for her “quick” changes were a bit slow, although when there was a video I was entertained!
    She definitely is an entertainer. I was sad that she didn’t sing Gimme More.

  10. Sean-

    Your review matches what I’ve been hearing in the office from my colleagues. I personally have not attended, but considering how much I love my PCD Tracksuit, I would have gone just for them!

  11. I was at the circus last night and I overal enjoyed the show. I flet that Nicole was feerce, even though she was singing she hit the dancing hard. I felt that Britney could have hit the dancing harder. I found that she did alot of walking and strutting. I wished that she did atleast two of the number hard with not so high of of a heel. I think her heels got on the way of her dancing ……but she looked great and I wanted to get up with them and dance too….Love your report and you are too funny…also I think brit needs some personal training for hip hop. I just felt that she did not pop it hard enough for me.

    I just wish all the best for Britney and i think the blond hair suits her much better!

  12. I have to side with MR. B and stephanie. We all know she wasn’t singing…which is fine, I can except that… BUT only when she is killing the choreo. It’s one or the other, you SING like Nicole (PCD) did and when singing mark the dance moves, OR when not singing you dance strong. Kudo’s to Nicole and Kimberly (my favs as well from the PCD).
    Although I did LOVE the show and Brit Brit’s dancers were RIDICULOUS, I still wasn’t as satisfied. Also, something has to be said about the Encore (or lack there of). I can’t remember one show that I’ve been to where only ONE song was performed as the encore. Usually it’s two or even three in a medely. Although the entire show was a great mix of songs, etc., the way the show ended left me a little disappointed. I felt like it was an abrupt ending, and that the send off wasn’t as good as shows of hers in the past.
    Overally, I am happy miss Spears is back and I hope she contiues to get stronger!!!!

  13. Hey Shawn, your so funny.

    Unfortunately, I was not there at this concert…. Booooo.

    However I did get the chance to take a dance workshop taught by two of her dancers. Chase and Marvelous, it was a great workshop.

    Now in terms of Britney your right she is definetly an entertainer.
    I’m happy that she’s back doing what she loves.

    Once again your too funny, your report cards are quite entertaining.

    Kay-Ann Ward

  14. Agreed! Brit looked like she was in rehearsal, kind of giving 50%. Her dancers were great, as well as the overall show, but really we all know she isn’t singing..but then she was hardly what was she doing?? Just looks tired but I still love her life.

    Pcd were awesome you could tell they wanted to be there and gave it all they had. Props for dancing in those shoes, but they need some more moves.

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