So You Think You Can Dance Canada Voting

Update: Monday December 8, 2008

Well, the final Canadian show of So You Think You Can Dance just aired. And I must say, my gut KNEW the final two would be Allie and Nico. Both are fantastic artists, who give more than just dance steps and surface.

Well… The results came in, and Canada voted:

Nicolas “Nico” Archambault

As Canada’s Favourite Dancer! Congratulations!

Nico wins Canada's first season of So You Think You Can Dance!
Nico wins Canada's first season of So You Think You Can Dance! See more pics:

I would like to congratulate the ENTIRE cast of contestants. Every single dancer on the SYTYCD stage deserves a tremendous round of applause, support and praise for pushing through rigorous rehearsals, injuries, exhaustion… and demanding the most from their minds and bodies.

As a performer and choreographer, I know first hand how difficult it can be to appear on stage week after week. But these truly talented artists showed Canada what it means to live passionately through dance.

Sure, it’s easy to for the public to think “that’s so easy” while we sit on our #ss at home, watching the show on boob tube twice a week. But just one show consists hours of rehearsals every day. Yes, EVERY DAY. You think you’re stressed? Just try and learn a new dance routine every day for three months and tell me how you feel!

Thank you to the top twenty dancers, for inspiring Canadians from coast to coast with your honesty and joy.

– Shawn Byfield

Update: November 27 / 08

Final 4 dancers on So You Think Canada!
Final 4 dancers on So You Think Canada!

So we’re down to the last four contestants on SYTYCDC: Allie, Natalli, Miles and Nico. Unfortunately, Lisa and Izaak have been voted off the show.

Congratulations to Lisa and Izaak. They worked so hard, and have grown so much though the competition. They deserve your props!

Who will be the last guy? Nico? Miles? And the last lady? Will it be Natalli or Allie? Canada, YOU DECIDE, because you’ll be voting for our final two dancers!

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Arassay and Vincent say bye to Leah

Update: November 21/08

So You Think You Can Dance Canada is now in Top 6!

Lisa, Allie and Natalli are our remaining ladies. Izaak, Nico and Miles are the 3 boys left. Who will take it to the final four?

Can anyone predict who will actually WIN the contest? Will it be one of our sassy ladies, or will one of the men hold it down? Not sure…

Get more updates on the CTV website, and see some great photos. Post your comments below, and remember to vote y’all!

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So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) Canada is alive! Paul Becker did some cool Capoeira choreography to start off the results show last night. But why was the show only half an hour?

Canada, if you want to keep our favourite dance show running, pick up the phone and vote for your favourite dancers. So You Think You Can Dance Canada has some SERIOUS talent!

Kevin and Bre first to go. (From
Kevin and Bre first to go. (From

We had the first round of phone in votes with the Rogers network Wednesday night (the writers made sure Leah mentioned “Rogers Recap… and to place your vote with Canada’s most reliable network” or somethin’ like that). I love the branding Rogers. 😉 Pretty soon you’ll own Canada…

And the verdict: Luther, Jean Marc, Tre and Blake decided that contestants Kevin and Bre were the first to head home. We’ll miss you, friggin’ talented the two of you!

Anyhow, will our Canadian version of So You Think You Can Dance compare to the integrity of the American production? Let’s hope so. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be watching every week to support.

Shawn Byfield

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6 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Dance Canada Voting

  1. We think Miles, Nico or Lisa! Oh wow…they are all amazing, they each deserve to take it home.
    We are sad that Arasay had to leave 😦 , and we can’t believe Issac is still on the show…sorry we got to be real though.
    Amazing talent Canada has…its about time it was shown!

  2. The show looks very promising, with some amazing talents. It does suffer yet from the usual problems of “growing up.” The decision of eliminating someone, when it is made by the judges, should be at least justified in a couple of words by them. Both the audience and the performer could learn something out of this, and not only remain with a bitter taste. From what I have seen for instance, Kevin was the strongest male dancer during the three 30 sec solos, and nevertheless he was the one eliminated, without any justification. At this point, it is a feeling of unfairness, shared perhaps by several people in the audience, if there is no explanation on the reasons leading to such decisions. It could have been as well a totally random choice, in the absence of any clear criteria.

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