Recent Tap Dance With Waleed Abdulhamid

Here’s a snippet of a friggin’ cool tap dance performance I did at Rose Theatre (Brampton, Ontario) with my very talented and inspiring friend Waleed Abdulhamid:

Tap Dance Performance part 1

Waleed “Kush” plays just about any instrument, and I play… well, I tried to keep up playing my taps! It’s part of a promo for the theatre.

And here’s part two of the tap dance performance, this time with flute:

Tap Dance Performance part 2

Yeah, I still got it. Let’s see those contestants on So You Think You Can Dance Canada keep up with ME! πŸ˜‰ Now you know what I do, besides choreograph, produce shows and teach tap class.

I remember I was so so sick that day. If you watch till the end of the first video (Part 1), you’ll get a good laugh… you can’t say I don’t love to dance!

Leave your comments, what you think?

– Shawn B

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