Toronto’s Hottest Dance Workshop: GIRLICIOUS!

Ok ladies…Enough making excuses that you can’t dance. Enough making lame excuses that you don’t have time; or you’re afraid of what others will think; or you don’t have money; or… or… or…

It’s summer! And it’s time to let loose!

So if you need an “excuse” to let your hair down and work some sexy dance moves… then you need to get involved in Eva Redpath’s GIRLICIOUS dance workshop. She’s a pro. And she’s holding it this Saturday July 26th.

Toronto Girlicious dance workshop
Toronto Girlicious dance workshop

Unfortunately, I won’t be there… because I’m a boy. Girls only. 😦 But if you know any ladies willing to give it a try (having fun, laughing, getting in shape, and having more fun) then spread the word.

– Shawn B

Published by shawnbyfield

Shawn Byfield is a certified public speaker, entertaining host, coach and entrepreneur. A National authority in dance and veteran in entertainment and fashion world, Byfield is a DORA Award winning choreographer, GEMINI Award nominee, and BLACK CANADIANS AWARD nominee. Byfield travels nationally as an inspiring coach, adjudicator, public speaker and choreographer. His dance studio Byfield Dance Experience is one of Toronto's best dance studios for ADULTS. Located downtown Toronto, BDX is an inspiring dance studio space created to enhance culture for adults in Toronto, offering dance classes, event and rehearsal space.

One thought on “Toronto’s Hottest Dance Workshop: GIRLICIOUS!

  1. Wholey HOT STUFF, BATMAN!!!

    This workshop was sooooo much fun! Eva previewed her conditioning class….KILLER….and, um, I mean that in a GOOD way…kinda sorta. 🙂 There is NO way you CAN’T get fit doing workouts like THAT with her!

    And the Dance class was way sexy and lots of fun! Love the “story” behind the song/routine….definitely adds to the whole experience!

    Loved the workshop and would definitely recommend it to ANYONE serious about having a great time and getting super fit while doing it!


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