Tap Dance or Hip Hop Dance Class? Toronto Speaks Out

I’m back in Toronto from an inspiring near two weeks in chilly Scotland and sunny California!

I choreographed HAIRSPRAY at GAMTA, a music theatre university in Glasgow (Glasgow Academy for Music Theatre Arts) and attended a weekend marketing summit in Anaheim. Here’s some pics of me hangin’:

Me and Miss UK (also Miss Scotland)

Hangin with my friend Nieve, Miss UK 2007

Hangin’ with ma wee friends in Glasgow!

Hangin’ with two of my favourite entrepreneurs: Tim Knox and Derek Gehl

Even though I had a powerfully motivating experience away, it feels great to be home in Toronto. I missed my dance classes!

On that note… if you’re yearnin’ and burnin’ for some dancin’, thinking of coming to class, and wondering what other people have to say, check out this recent dance video about our fun tap dance classes and hip hop dance classes in Toronto– straight from current students.

It also shows what our energy is like in the hip hop classes and the tap classes. Check it:

Maybe watching that video was just the one thing you needed to make your day that much better. 🙂

Shawn B

Published by ShawnByfield

Shawn Byfield is a certified public speaker, expert dance coach and entrepreneur. A National authority in dance and veteran in entertainment, film and fashion. Byfield is a DORA AWARD winning choreographer, GEMINI AWARD nominee, and 2x BLACK CANADIANS AWARD nominee. Shawn Byfield loves to travel nationally as an inspiring mentor, adjudicator, public speaker and choreographer.

2 thoughts on “Tap Dance or Hip Hop Dance Class? Toronto Speaks Out

  1. Hi, my name is Aleem, and I run an entertainment company out here in Toronto. I host club events and concerts throughout the year. I have a big dance showcase coming up on Dec.13th inside the Koolhaus, featuring the top 4 dance crew’s from that show, “Americas top dance crew”. I was looking to getting in touch with most dance studios here in toronto, to maybe stop by and put up a poster of the event. I figured students and teachers would love to see some of these acts perform and it is an all ages event. Email me when u get a chance or even call me and let me know if you might be able to assist me in promoting this event.


    Aleem Velji
    Stillkids Entertainment

  2. Where can I sign on to this dance class? please write me some informations… thanks a lot:-*

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