July dance newsletter is ready for all subscribers

Hi friends,

Hope you had a great Canada Day Weekend! Yup, the news you’ve been waiting for is online:

  • Beginner hip hop and tap dance classes for the newbies;
  • a two-day workshop for tap teachers and assistants;
  • hip hop bootcamp with Nexx Level;
  • Street Sexxy classes just for tha ladies…
  • and more good news. Lots of classes to help you… “Shake Your Junk.”

I’ve sent out the newsletter to all my subscribers, so check your inbox. If you’re not on my subscriber list, what in Earth’s name are you waiting for? Sign up here…


Also, I need your opinion. Leave me your thoughts on the new look and feel of your newsletter and the website. I personally think it looks cooler… but who cares what I think, right?

I’m not sure about keeping the homepage black. Might change it to grey/blue like the rest of the site… your feedback will help me out tons.

I’ve also updated the Funk Factory site, let me know what you like/dislike.

Thanks for your help,

Shawn B
National Tap Dance & Hip Hop Instructor


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2 thoughts on “July dance newsletter is ready for all subscribers

  1. shawnbyfield says:

    The College/University hip hop dance class will be held on the second or third Saturday in August. That way you can dance before you head back to school. Aww yeah!

    – SB

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