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Get Inspired, Rise To A Challenge And Get An OUTSTANDING Tap Dance Workshop That In 3 Days Will SUPERCHARGE Your Passion For Tap Dance!

Ask yourself these questions:

    1. Would you like to be right up there with all the other inspiring tap dancers you keep hearing about?
    2. Do you feel uninspired with your current tap dance school or weekly routine?
    3. Are you eager to challenge your abilities and enhance your current tap training?
    4. Are you looking for new inspiration and fresh choreography ideas?
    5. If you could wave a magic wand- would you want your tap dance improv- to IMPROVE?

If you answered yes to even ONE of the questions above, you should know that you can have a potentially life-changing tap dance workshop experience- in just 3 days.

Yes, it’s true! Here’s why…

This Summer Tap Dance Camp Is Absolutely NECESSARY For The Serious Student Who Wants To:

  • Skyrocket your tap dance technique and strengthen your current tap dance knowledge of steps and technical abilities
  • Dramatically improve your tap dance improvisation and feel more confident creating steps on the spot
  • Learn, understand and apply real-life music theory today’s professional musicians and percussionists actually use
  • Develop an exciting, entertaining and engaging performance style eager audiences love to watch on stage
  • Learn from professional real-life dance experiences from a highly sought-out stage, television and film pro
  • Learn inspiring, fun and challenging tap choreography taught from an expert instructor and motivating coach
  • Discuss relevant tap dance history and learn how performers’ lives and careers apply to YOUR career
  • Quickly improve your memory and master tap dance choreography faster than you ever thought possible…

Interested? Then you need to get all the information you can. This tap dance intensive could truly make a significant difference in your abilities.

tap dance with Shawn Byfield

17 Excellent Reasons Why You MUST Attend This Tap Dance Summer Intensive…

(Most Serious Dancers Just Need ONE)

  1. You will notice an improvement in your technique– get all those sounds in, and REALLY NAIL that fast footwork
  2. Watch how your ability to hear simple and complex rhythms will improve, helping you pick steps up faster than you did before
  3. You will be able to tap with more musicality and style, giving you an edge over others when you perform in shows, recitals and competitions
  4. Finally get inspired! Find that motivation you’ve been waiting for- and QUIT MAKING EXCUSES why you aren’t tap dancing right now
  5. Eliminate your fear of improvisation– and feel more comfortable jamming with others
  6. You will be able to learn how to count out your rhythms- learn to say it, then do it!
  7. Learn how to use simple rhythmic patterns to make your tap choreography more musical and pleasing to hear and watch
  8. Hear some cool ideas and concepts that will help you remember challenging sections of tap routines better
  9. Learn the musician’s technique of phrasing steps together rather than in small chunks- helping your feet sound more expressive
  10. You’ll learn how to tap with more confidence– you’ll develop a true “hoofer” style and tap more assertively into the floor
  11. Learn how to perform like you’re on stage for an audience- and be more entertaining to watch
  12. Expand your musical knowledge by experiencing different types of music– from jazz, funk, reggae, hip hop, latin, african… even no music at all ( I call “accatappa”)
  13. Learn some tap dance history- and learn about other tap dancers and resources that keep the tradition going
  14. Develop your feet’s volume, and tap with more dynamics– from soft, quieter tones to louder accents
  15. Learn how to “sing along” to the songs of your feet- and how singing helps your brain execute your tap steps
  16. Find a great new social activity– meet new people and develop some great friendships with other tap dancers
  17. Save yourself from another negative tap dance camp- and leave feeling excited and pumped for next year!
Shawn Byfield Dance Authority & Entrepreneur
Shawn Byfield Dance Authority & Entrepreneur

Your Tap Workshop Includes Expert Instruction From Top Tap Instructor & Choreographer Shawn Byfield

Wednesday August 21st to
Friday August 23rd

10:30 am – 3:30 pm Each Day
819 Yonge Street, Toronto

** Ages 16 and up with STRONG TAP TECHNIQUE **

Click the big button below to register your spot in this tap intensive.

If you’re considering a career in tap dance, want to be a solid performer or just want to significantly improve your tap dance skills and musical education, then this is THE tap dance workshop for you!

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 ** BONUS  **

PRIVATE Tap Dance Workshops & VIP Interviews With SUPERSTAR Guests With Industry Experience

SYTYCD guest Everett Smith at BDX tap intensive
SYTYCD guest Everett Smith at BDX tap intensive

Four More Super-Important Facts You Must Know

  1. This summer dance camp is at the high intermediate to advanced level. Know this now. All material and training will be at that challenge level.
  2. You WILL be exhausted. You will sweat buckets. Quitters with bad attitudes are NOT invited. The word “can’t” doesn’t exist. If you like to whine about how tired you are and wonder when the next break will be… PLEASE leave now. This definitely isn’t for you.
  3. To ensure a terrific, quality experience during these 3 days I’m only accepting 16 participants. And by only 16, I mean the FIRST 16 people to book their spot. So if you snooze, you lose.
  4. Stop humming and hawing over whether you should invest in your own future or not. If you read all the benefits above and STILL aren’t sure, chances are you really aren’t serious anyway.

Because this summer tap dance camp is for focused, positive participants. Like-minded people who are looking to enhance their tap dance skills, musicality, memory, improvisation, confidence and so much more.

I hope you’re smart enough to invest in yourself. You deserve this.

And the best part?

You can quickly reserve your spot for one easy payment of $297. Yup, that’s it! Your only payment today immediately reserves your spot. Click the big button below and you’ll be safely and securely registered in 90 seconds.

Get READY To Live Your TRUE Tap Dance Potential

YES! If you feel you DESERVE this and you’re ready to get some tap dance inspiration, trust your instincts and reserve your spot right now.

Click Below For Your EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT: Get 20% OFF tuition! Regular $297 TODAY ONLY $237

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I look forward to you joining us in the tap dance intensive!

Shawn Byfield

PS: In 3 days you’ll leave feeling inspired and energized, with more tap skills under your belt than Martha Stewart. Your tap dance abilities will grow exponentially. You’ll transform into a smarter, more efficient tap dance machine.

PPS: To make sure everyone gets the most out of this intermediate/adv level tap intensive, reserve your spot NOW as there are only 16 spots available. First come, first served.

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